Australia’s Blockchain Ecosystem Needs More Support From Regulators, Says Industry Body


Australia’s blockchain as well as cryptocurrency firms require more support from the federal government as well as regulators to enhance self-confidence within the nation’s company market, according to Steve Vallas, Chief Executive Officer of campaigning for body Blockchain Australia.

Speaking at the Senate Select Committee on Financial Technology as well as Regulatory Technology on Thursday, Vallas said Australia has a blockchain “base” where it can speed up advancement which his company is currently “signaling” that the innovation is something individuals “should be investing in.”

Vallas indicated Australia’s absence of blockchain advancement in the last couple of years, stating it had not hurt the nation’s ecosystem. However, “I think we need more signals from regulators … that they’re willing to discuss this subject matter with people who are well versed in it,” he stated.

The Senate Committee is presently analyzing the possibility for blockchain innovation in a business as well as federal government setup adhering to the nation’s National Blockchain Roadmap launch in February in 2015. The roadmap, introduced by means of the Department of Industry, Science, Energy as well as Resources, lays out assumptions of a nationwide approach intending to record blockchain’s worth for business-related task.

Vallas stated some economic authorities around the world, such as the EU, the U.K. as well as the UNITED STATE, are offering more advice to companies wanting to utilize or advertise blockchain as well as electronic possessions, specifically within the financial market.

While regulators like the UNITED STATE Office of the Comptroller of the Currency are stating to financial institutions they can guardianship crypto possessions as well as must be banking cryptocurrency firms, “Those signals are largely absent from the Australian market,” he stated.