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Dogecoin, no matter its intrinsic or practical qualities, has been buffeted by distinctive drive multipliers. The Dogecoin NASCAR was simply one in all a protracted collection of public spectacles that bolstered its worth by familiarity and optimistic affiliation: in a world of high-risk, hard-to-understand speculative foreign money gambles and scams, the pleasant face of Dogecoin continued to indicate up in shockingly nice contexts. Sandwiched between horror tales of plundered startups and expensive crashes had been tales of Dogecoin automobiles, Dogecoin charities, and foolish tales of informal people hitting it massive with the pleasant canine joke crypto. Dogecoin, by its perceived harmlessness, inadvertently developed probably the most non-threatening PR marketing campaign in all of crypto. Paired with occasional name-drops by celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Gene Simmons, and that Tesla man, Dogecoin has gained a strong positive-association impact no matter what it’s, the way it works, or the way it was supposed.