Jaime Rogozinski, WallStreetBets: ‘Crypto Should Help, Not Replace TradFi’


“I don’t think you’re going to replace the stock market with the blockchain just because it’s better. I think they can coexist. Take all the benefits that you have from blockchain and figure out a way to adapt it.”

Jaime Rogozinski is the founder and ousted chief of Reddit’s notorious buying and selling group: WallStreetBets. He spent years watching crypto from the sidelines as a die-hard “stonks only” investor. This week on “Opinionated,” he tells Ben, Danny and Anna how he lastly got here round.

Now, Jaime is taking part in a number one position in WSBDapp.com, a venture he says mixes international equities, good contracts and borderless finance. The concept is to present buyers a crypto token whose worth is linked to trades they may not in any other case make. Jaime says it’s an modern evolution of conventional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi).

The venture is in its early phases, however the gang nonetheless has loads of questions for Jaime. For instance: Why would regulators permit tokenized shares? How do tokenized exchange-traded merchandise differ from exchange-traded funds? Is this actually going to be a boon for retail buyers?

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This episode was produced, introduced and edited by Michele Musso with extra manufacturing help by Eleanor Pahl.